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Niecka na osiedlu Garnuszewskiego - fuszerka jakich mało?


I live by the basin at the Garnuszewski estate, where nice recreational areas have been made ... but for me it is a botany which is not enough. The city spent almost PLN 2 million for this purpose, and the company is not able to do it properly. From the very beginning, the lamps in this trough started in a strange way: first they lit up ... quite a long time ... until they all lit ... then went out ... then after a few minutes they lit again ... and shone. .... probably all night ... until the morning (I did not check it until the morning, but it was shining until 1.00 at night). Yes, until then ... then something fell, and half the lamps did not light at all ... the team arrived on Saturday, probably November, dug a groove somewhere at the height of these slides for children (they probably laid a new cable) and returned to normal (i.e. inflammation, going out and lighting up for good) and now as the frosts come ... it's a real disco, once they are burning, and once not, and once a few lamps and once none is 22.22 again they lit up and when I started writing this post it was dark as in d ... u m .... I have a question: why the city spent such money for such a sell ???? Mr. Urban, what do you say? There are cameras and the City Guard sees what is happening and why nobody is doing anything about it ???

Update: 22.28 darkness over the basin again ..

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